Weinberg End-of-Summer Lab BBQ

Members of the Weinberg Lab gather together to celebrate the end of summer (and a lot of hard work) on Spanish Bank’s Beach in Vancouver. What a great way to end the summer!

From Left: Amanda Chao, Parker Holman, Samantha Baglot, Phoebe Ng, Linda Ellis, Charlis Raineki, Joanne Weinberg, Wayne Yu, Alexandre Lussier, Ni Lan, Vivian, Lam, Tamara Bodnar, Pushpkirin Ubi, Jen Liu, Srishti Sarkar

New paper accepted in Brain, Behavior, and Immunity

Check out our recently published paper in Brain, Behavior, and Immunity by Dr. Charlis Raineki et al. entitled, “Effects of early-life adversity on immune function are mediated by prenatal environment: Role of prenatal alcohol exposure.”

The results of this research demonstrate the differential behavioural and immune response of alcohol exposed animals to early-life adversity.

You can find the article here.

Alex Lussier Receives 2017 Timothy Cudd Award from the FASD Study Group in Denver, CO

Alex Lussier, PhD Candidate in the Weinberg and Kobor labs at UBC, submitted the top-ranked trainee abstract – entitled Epigenetic Signatures of Prenatal Alcohol Exposure – and was selected to receive the Timothy A. Cudd Award. This award was established in 2013 in memory of Dr. Timothy Cudd, a longtime FASD Study Group member who was internationally recognized for his research on FASD. Congratulations Alex!

Linda Ellis honoured for 25 years of service at UBC

Congratulations to lab manager Linda Ellis, who was recently honoured at UBC’s annual “25 Year Club” banquet for her 25 years of service to the university! The UBC 25 Year Club was established in 1971 by President Walter Gage to recognize staff with 25 years of uninterrupted or accumulated service. 

The Weinberg Lab is so grateful for all of Linda’s hard work and dedication these last 25 years! Congratulations Linda!!!

Lab Manager Linda Ellis pictured here with UBC president Santa Ono at the “25 Year Club” celebration banquet.

Weinberg Students Present Research @ UBC Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Research Conference (MURC)

Jen Liu stands next to her poster presentation, “The impacts of prenatal alcohol exposure and early-life adversity on stress-regulation mechanisms in the developing brain.” Jen was mentored by Dr. Ni Lan.

From left: Dr. Charlis Raineki, Phoebe Ng, and Dr. Tamara Bodnar pose together before Phoebe’s oral presentation, “Effects of prenatal alcohol exposure on neuroinflammation and neural activity in the prefrontal cortex.”

From left: Pushpkiran Ubi poses with her mentor, Masters student Samantha Baglot, prior to her presentation, “Hippocampal neurogenesis: Modulation by prenatal alcohol exposure and adolescent stress exposure.”

Jen Liu, Phoebe Ng, and Pushpkiran Ubi – all undergraduate students completing Directed Studies projects in the Weinberg lab – presented their preliminary results at this year’s Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Research Conference (MURC) at UBC. MURC is one of the largest undergraduate research conferences in North America, and is an opportunity for UBC undergraduate students to showcase their research in front of their fellow UBC students, family, and friends. Congrats you three!

New review on the epigenetics of FASD

In a recent review article published in Epigenomics, Phd candidate Alex Lussier and coauthers Dr. Joanne Weinberg and Dr. Michael Kobor describe the current state of epigenetic research in the field of FASD.

Here’s a link to a recent press release issued by the Kids Health Brain Network (formerly NeuroDevNet): “Epigenetics studies of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder: where are we now?”

You can also check out the article here: Epigenetics studies of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder: where are we now?

2017 Weinberg Lab Retreat

Annual Weinberg Lab Retreat

Here are some pictures from this year’s annual Weinberg Lab Retreat. At our annual retreat, Dr. Weinberg establishes major research objectives for the year and members of the Weinberg lab present updates on their research progress and accomplishments. This year, we held our retreat at the Djavad Mowafaghian Centre for Brain Health, located just down the street from our lab in the Life Sciences Centre.

“Weinbergers” have a computer huddle to look over data. From left: Samantha Baglot, Vivian Lam, Dr. Tamara Bodnar, Dr. Ni Lan, & Dr. Charlis Raineki.

Dr. Weinberg makes use of a very “high tech” pointing device (because the laser pointer won’t work on the LCD display…)!

A quick coffee break between sessions. From left: Parker Holman, Dr. Charlis Raineki, and lab manager Linda Ellis.

CBC Highlights FASD Research Article co-authored by Weinberg PhD Candidate Alex Lussier

CBC News recently featured research co-authored by Alexandre Lussier, a current PhD candidate in the Weinberg laboratory. Alex is also co-supervised by Dr. Michael Kobor, located at UBC’s Centre for Molecular Medicine & Therapeutics.

Entitled “DNA methylation signature of human fetal alcohol spectrum disorder,” the article was published earlier this year in the journal Epigenetics and Chromatin.

You can link to CBC’s story here – or check out the original research article here.