New review on the epigenetics of FASD

In a recent review article published in Epigenomics, Phd candidate Alex Lussier and coauthers Dr. Joanne Weinberg and Dr. Michael Kobor describe the current state of epigenetic research in the field of FASD.

Here’s a link to a recent press release issued by the Kids Health Brain Network (formerly NeuroDevNet): “Epigenetics studies of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder: where are we now?”

You can also check out the article here: Epigenetics studies of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder: where are we now?

2017 Weinberg Lab Retreat

Annual Weinberg Lab Retreat

Here are some pictures from this year’s annual Weinberg Lab Retreat. At our annual retreat, Dr. Weinberg establishes major research objectives for the year and members of the Weinberg lab present updates on their research progress and accomplishments. This year, we held our retreat at the Djavad Mowafaghian Centre for Brain Health, located just down the street from our lab in the Life Sciences Centre.

“Weinbergers” have a computer huddle to look over data. From left: Samantha Baglot, Vivian Lam, Dr. Tamara Bodnar, Dr. Ni Lan, & Dr. Charlis Raineki.

Dr. Weinberg makes use of a very “high tech” pointing device (because the laser pointer won’t work on the LCD display…)!

A quick coffee break between sessions. From left: Parker Holman, Dr. Charlis Raineki, and lab manager Linda Ellis.

CBC Highlights FASD Research Article co-authored by Weinberg PhD Candidate Alex Lussier

CBC News recently featured research co-authored by Alexandre Lussier, a current PhD candidate in the Weinberg laboratory. Alex is also co-supervised by Dr. Michael Kobor, located at UBC’s Centre for Molecular Medicine & Therapeutics.

Entitled “DNA methylation signature of human fetal alcohol spectrum disorder,” the article was published earlier this year in the journal Epigenetics and Chromatin.

You can link to CBC’s story here – or check out the original research article here.


NIH releases improved guidelines for diagnosing fetal alcohol spectrum disorder

The NIH:NIAAA recently released a new paper published in Pediatrics, which outlines updated guidelines for diagnosing FASD based on the latest research in field. To learn more, head to the NIH news release here.

Also, here’s a citation and link to the original research paper:

Hoyme HE et al. (2016). Updated Clinical Guidelines for Diagnosing Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders. Pediatrics, 138(2).

Members of Weinberg Laboratory Participate in UBC’s 2016 Vancouver Summer Program (VSP)

PhD Candidate in the lab, Tamara Bodnar, reviews cerebellar anatomy with students enrolled in the Anatomical Sciences course as part of the UBC VSP. Photo credit: Brian Kladko

The Vancouver Summer Program (VSP) is a four-week academic program offered at the University of British Columbia, Canada for cohorts of international students to study at the University of British Columbia. The program provides the opportunity for cooperating universities to organize groups of students to take two academic courses in various UBC Faculties while learning about Canadian practices and culture.

This year, three members of the Weinberg Laboratory (Dr. Charlis Raineki, Tamara Bodnar, and Parker Holman) organized and delivered an “Anatomical Sciences” course. Morning classes focused on gross anatomy (Principles of Body Structure and Function) and afternoon sessions covered neuroanatomical topics (Applied Neuroanatomy). 23 international students from universities in China, Hong Kong, Scotland, and Spain also had the opportunity to examine prosections of the human body and brain during several laboratory sessions at the Life Science Centre at UBC.

Check out UBC’s press release regarding this year’s courses as part of VSP.

Instructor Parker Holman helps students in the Vancouver Summer Program in Medicine understand the brain's various parts.

PHD Candidate in the lab, Parker Holman, helps students in the Vancouver Summer Program in Medicine understand the brain’s various parts. Photo credit: Brian Kladko

Clara & Lab July 2016

Clara Bouhali a Visiting High School Summer Student in the Weinberg Lab

From Left: Dr. Joanne Weinberg, Samantha Baglot, Parker Holman, Tamara Bodnar, Dr. Charlis Raineki, Clara Bouhali, Linda Ellis, Vivian Lam, Dr. Ni Lan, Lisa Wang

Clara Bouhali, a high school student beginning her final year of study this fall at Lycée Jean-Pierre Vernant in Sèvres, France, joined the Weinberg lab this July as a visiting summer student. During her time in the lab, Clara was able to gain valuable research experience as she worked alongside graduate and undergraduate students in the lab. Clara was a fast learner, and we loved having her help in the lab! We wish her the best of luck as she finishes up her final year of school and prepares for university!

RSA 2016 Banquet

Members of Weinberg Laboratory attend 2016 Annual Meeting in New Orleans, LA

Members and Friends of the Weinberg Laboratory at the 2016 Research Society on Alcoholism Banquet (From Left: Samantha Baglot, Vivian Lam, Parker Holman, Karen Moritz, Charlis Raineki, Joanne Weinberg, Kathy Keiver, Linda Ellis, Wayne Yu, Alexandre Lussier, Allison Pritchard-Orr, Tamara Bodnar)


Members of the Weinberg Laboratory attended this year’s Annual Meeting of the Research Society on Alcoholism (RSA) held in New Orleans, LA. Besides presenting original research at symposia, talks, and poster sessions, we also had a chance to catch up with our colleagues and friends during closing banquet. Pictured above with the Weinberg Laboratory are Dr. Karen Moritz from the University of Queensland and Dr. Kathy Keiver and Allison Pritchard-Orr from the University of the Fraser Valley.

Tammy & Ken

Bodnar receives FASDSG Kenneth Warren Merit Award

Tamara Bodnar, a current PhD candidate in the Weinberg Lab, recently received the Kenneth Warren Merit Award presented by the Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Study Group (FASDSG) for outstanding research in the field of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder research. This award is presented each year at the annual FASDSG meeting – this year held in New Orleans, LA – and includes a travel stipend to support the awardee in attending the meeting to share his or her research.

Tamara’s presentation Effects of prenatal alcohol exposure on immune function across the lifespan reviewed the exciting research she has completed as part of her doctoral dissertation work at UBC. Tamara is pictured above with former Acting Director and Deputy Director of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), Dr. Kenneth Warren, for whom the award is named.

Congrats Tammy!