Members of Weinberg Laboratory Participate in UBC’s 2016 Vancouver Summer Program (VSP)

PhD Candidate in the lab, Tamara Bodnar, reviews cerebellar anatomy with students enrolled in the Anatomical Sciences course as part of the UBC VSP. Photo credit: Brian Kladko

The Vancouver Summer Program (VSP) is a four-week academic program offered at the University of British Columbia, Canada for cohorts of international students to study at the University of British Columbia. The program provides the opportunity for cooperating universities to organize groups of students to take two academic courses in various UBC Faculties while learning about Canadian practices and culture.

This year, three members of the Weinberg Laboratory (Dr. Charlis Raineki, Tamara Bodnar, and Parker Holman) organized and delivered an “Anatomical Sciences” course. Morning classes focused on gross anatomy (Principles of Body Structure and Function) and afternoon sessions covered neuroanatomical topics (Applied Neuroanatomy). 23 international students from universities in China, Hong Kong, Scotland, and Spain also had the opportunity to examine prosections of the human body and brain during several laboratory sessions at the Life Science Centre at UBC.

Check out UBC’s press release regarding this year’s courses as part of VSP.

Instructor Parker Holman helps students in the Vancouver Summer Program in Medicine understand the brain's various parts.

PHD Candidate in the lab, Parker Holman, helps students in the Vancouver Summer Program in Medicine understand the brain’s various parts. Photo credit: Brian Kladko

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