Photo Oct 29, 2 34 11 PM

Weinberg Lab presents at UBC Neuroscience Extravaganza

Neuroscience Extravaganza is an annual poster event and competition for neuroscience trainees and postdoctoral fellows at the University of British Columbia.

Undergraduate Lily Takeuchi presented her poster on “Effects of prenatal alcohol exposure and chronic mild stress on depressive-like behaviour,” work she completed as part of a project for the Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Research Conference hosted at UBC.


Photo Oct 29, 2 34 26 PMMaster’s student Sam Baglot describes her work on maternal observation & early-life adversity to fellow participants at this year’s extravaganza.

Photo Oct 29, 2 37 16 PMPhD candidate Parker Holman presented his work on social and non-social recognition memory following prenatal alcohol exposure and/or early-life adversity.

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